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February 17, 2013



good morning scrappy love birds!

you are so flooding my heart with the sheer joy of your LOVE! what an amazingly perfect salutation of reveling in the dance of togetherness. thank you for inspiring me in new and wondrous ways!

mazel tov and amor eternal!!!


Beautiful, just beautiful!


Mazal tov, Stephanie! Here's to many more years of joy.


Delightful. The heart of the party was there. That makes it more than enough people in my book. Happy Anniversary!!

Robin G

Way too sweet! I love what you do...


{{ oh
oh, dear steph,
this posting
makes my heart sing !!!
so ~~perfect~~ in every way ...

i was so pleased
to finally meet greg
last year
& see
how the 2 of you
are so wonderfully Matched !!

love this }}


wait ...

your scrappy flowers ??

{{ it just gets better
& better }}

Sue Fox

Oh yes, I'm all for that,
next year we'll be along,
at least virtually
I'll put my flower order in now then ;~)xxx

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

What a treasureable moment ~ lovely and happy photos ~ Paradise!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Just the two of you, and your enduring love for one another, made it a real party!


Congratulations. What a handsome couple you are. Much LOVE to you both.

Linda Gleitz

you guys are the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! next year I'm gonna try to fit in my wedding dress..(the pink one of course)


absolutely beautiful...you guys have what it takes and what it MEANS!!!


OMG that is the cutest thing ever! you two look amazing!! congratulations and many happy years ahead!

Toni Baxter

Wonderfully done!

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