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February 07, 2013


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Love this Steph! Owls are so incredible. A wonderful totem for your family... I also love the image of Olive running! XO

Anthony North

Beautiful pics and haiku. They're so elusive, aren't they?

Toni Baxter

What a beauty! Tell Mr R---great pics!

lyle baxter

great photo. have always loved owls! you are so fortunate to have him as your "local" Olive will tell you she is a speeding bullet!


Oh, what a beauty! I used to live in the country, a very rural area with owl song sometimes at night. I miss that sound... :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Kate I

What a beautiful owl! I love owls and we have many Barred owls in the woods behind our home. I love listening to their call as I'm going to sleep. Great shot Mr. R


A handsome owl. And a nice haiku tribute.


And Olive ♥



{{ i have owl*love
when they are courting
outside my bedroom window
around 2 in the morning,
which seems to happen
with alarming regularity ... }}

Poet Laundry

Love this! What a cool capture in both the photos and your wonderful haiku.

Laura Hegfield

how cool is that... beautiful, beautiful friend to meet. I hear different owls in our woods sometimes... but never ever see them. What a treat!


Great shots of the owl. You are so lucky to be able to hear him!


Even his eyes match the bark! Lovely story and photo AND haiku!


welcome home dear traveler. this is amazing! owls are such mysterious voices of the night, what a delightful day discovery.
hope you rest fully and awaken to a wonderful weekend home!


How cool. Love the way it hides itself in plain sight. Nature rocks.

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