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March 15, 2013


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Kim Mailhot

Love it !
This made me smile big.
People are great, aren't they ?!
Enjoy, Smily One !


rushing out the door for the studio...will return at the end of my art day and bask in your beauty!

Sue Fox

Wow looks amazing, will come back to watch Ted! x


Steph, is that you on the far left? Way to go! I've got to get down there - soon.


Well look at you, pretty lady, your Mug up on a wall! :-)


Wow Stephanie, what an incredible project. This made me smile too. It's so nice to see whats happening in your art world. I am settling in after another trip back east. Life is so good!


P.S~ I just watched the TED video and wow! thank you for sharing it and I am passing it on.


Fantastic project. The TED video was deeply moving. I love the way art transends law.


I'll watch the Ted video after I let you know that I think this is great. You look great with your big smile. Congrats!

Toni Baxter

Thanks Steph! Sent this on to a few friends. The TED video was fascinating.

karen cole

It's FABULOUS!!! Of course, the addition of the beautiful Ms. Hilvitz is the icing on the cake.


i LOVE this!!!!

jennifer ressmann

hey - there you are! so fun!


so so cool, i would love to hang out with you. we need this in our little village of camarillo, bereft of a stronger art appreciation.

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