Garden Decor
Postcards...from a Full Weekend

DAM Good


it is scorching HOT here...and was scorching HOT at the Denver Art Museum


Nick Cave...mixed media, performance art genius...overflowing with inspiration and admiration.

Most of the work here is new, made specifically for this exhibit.  Many soundsuits for which he is known and new work, his 'Rescue' series...Think French ceramic dogs sitting on aging vintage settees under a canopy of lit ceramic birds and flower and fruit and leaves and strings and strings of beads.

as Cave puts it, "ghetto fabulous on one hand, regal on the other."

For those in the Denver area..DO.NOT.MISS.

and SPUN, another wonderful exhibit with interactive and fiber works...also included are some pieces from the Crochet Coral Reef project.  You can be part of this world wide expanding project by crocheting a piece to be part of Denver's Coral Reef.  You can join the community of crocheters every Sat and Sun through Sept 22nd, they will teach you if you don't know how.

Relax for a bit and watch their TED talk about the science behind this project...HERE, fascinating!


we are lucky have this museum and all that it offers



VERY fun with the Nick Cave--enjoying vicariously online. And LOVE the dye garden...that idea is breathtaking! :o) Happy Days, Stephanie ((HUGS)) P.S. Posting now from my new blog:

lyle baxter

you are indeed fortunate! what wonderful plathanks.ces to visit! the dye garden is fabulous!


Hi Stephanie. What a great museum. Enjoy. Great photos. Have a great weekend, stay cool.


girl, you just ARE!

hoping you will share your love of art and expression at postcards from paradise. this morning needs all the encouragement it can get.



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