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July 05, 2013


Reading Pleasure

Ow, too bad. But you had a good time nonetheless, with sizzling fireworks and all. Nice one


I love your vista, not the mosquitoes however! They absolutely eat me alive. You are a light in my life Steph that I love so dearly... Happy Fourth and much beauty to you and Mr. R.! XOXOXO

Wabi Sabi

Yes to the wine and the view from the ridge and NO to the mosquitoes!Fingerprint


Yes a lovely quiet 4th full of that special spirit of the day.

Kim Mailhot

Bummer about the skeeters, but looks like you enjoyed it anyway.
Have a great summer weekend, Lovely Stephanie !


striking fireworks! don't you just love them? my granddaughter sprayed me as soon as I arrived to keep those hateful mosquitoes away. she used Off; try some next time; it works!


Hi Stephanie. We've got mosquitoes hanging around also, only we are told to stay inside at night because they may be carry their disease. Looks like a great night. I'll take a little glass of that wine.:) Great Haiku. Have a wonderful summer.


ha ha.... i totally get the picture. it's all a part of the day, isn't it.


I like a quiet 4th. But...how can that be? Boom, bang, sizzle all around. On the beach, you can see fireworks for miles and miles because the coastline curves around. No skeeters in the wind.


You may have gotten eaten alive, but you are back from the dead to tell your tale!


Great fireworks shot. I can almost feel the boom!


dear stephanie,

here in Prescott, Az. this has been a devastating week to navigate. on friday after posting haiku my heart we went to the courthouse for the annual kiddie parade. nothing prepared us for the amazing honoring these children all came together to offer to our town. i redid my haiku page with photographs of the youngest of prescott offering their hearts as only children can. sunday standing outside on the road into prescott as each young man returned home was overwhelming in the enormity of loss striking so many families. it is heart warming to see our community come together in a force of love for all those torn apart by the enormity of loss. the courage and strength of the wives is humbling to say the least.
i love the peace of your get away vista, and the idea of watching from afar. (well minus the mosquitoes!)

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