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August 23, 2013



A Pair of them! wow, what a great start to the day. We have the yellow finches visiting our coneflowers and blackeyed susan's know too. It's fun to imagine bouncing on one of those flower heads and having lunch or something.


Those are some awesome photos. Are they hawks? Falcons? I'm not good at identification, but they sure are awesome. They would catch my eye if I was near. Good job!


Reading Pleasure

Great photos and haiku


Harris Hawks? We have them here as well. In fact it amazes me how nature and wildlife thrive in the midst of a metropolis.

Sue Fox

Sunshine colored flowers with birds to match what more delightful way to greet the day! x


wow, and wow again! stupendous shots of the magnificent hawks. the finch's color is almost hidden by the surrounding yellow blooms. good eye, Stephanie!

Mark M. Redfearn

The wildlife reminds us of who was here first!


I'm always amazed at the great shots you get. What a way to start the day. Have a great weekend.


Hello Steph, I have the same sun flowers in my yard! I love them and how they bring the little finches to dip and sway on their tall slender stalks... the photos of the hawks are incredible. Did you look up (google) what the medicine of hawk is? I always do that when an animal/bird/critter pops into my awareness. Loved your haiku capturing this morning full of sound! XO

Deb Taylor

oh my what a capture!!
I can almost hear your morning sounds!


Oh I love hawks!
Especially because they eat squirrels.
Nature is incredible, isn't it?
These are some wonderful photos♥♥


Many urban dwellers miss the wildlife around them. Glad that you don't!

Laura Hegfield

love the light through the wings... beautiful imagery and haiku!

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