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October 30, 2013



How beautiful Stephanie. Grand in fact. Love the tiers on your creation and how you honor your family. Thank you.

The Adventureous Art Teacher

It's just beautiful Stephanie. I'm in love with this traditional that celebrates remembering those we have loved.

lyle baxter

Grand indeed! love all the color! A lovely tribute to a well loved family!

Kim Mailhot

A beautiful and poignant celebration of those we have loved and lost.
Love and light to you, Beautiful Heart.


Blessing to you on this day and the next~ may you be touched by those you've loved and lost and wander joyously through this world and the next.

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the Art of Remembering - Rodrigvitz Style


Steph, This is a beautiful altar. They all are, all that are drawn from the heart. Ours is larger than before as well. Last year, we had 60 guests stop by for laughter, tears, food and great storytelling.
The best to you and yours for this years Dias de Los Muertos. Let the Spirits soar.



Women who bore me
Sweet alter of memory
I carry them forth


Dearest Steph, remembering this time last year... thank you for helping my heart to heal and witnessing my letting go and stepping more fully into life. I love these pictures of your family and what you have created to share with others... sending you all much love on these remembering days... XOXOXO


I can stare at your beautiful altar for hours. Back in my home country we're also celebrating the lives of loved ones who have passed away. The entire nation flocks to the cemeteries this weekend. My grandmother was born the same year as Maria Elena Rodriguez.

Wabi Sabi

What a beautiful altar! And a lovely tribute to your loved ones!


Lovely tribute. The love shines on.


magnificently grand altar! love the marigolds too! I'm happy I visited here today.


I've never really understood the Day of the Dead. I'll have to look up more. In any case, I think it is good to remember your departed loved ones with affection.


thank you for stopping by my blog to comment which has brought me to your blog.
what a terrific altar. i usually make one but this year we are in the middle of closing escrow, so lots in storage or being packed.
i especially like that you added a photo of jfk on such a memorable anniversary. i was 7 years old when he died and am one of those that remembers exactly where she was: driving with my parents in london on the way to a chinese restaurant. the reaction of my parents was so strong that it stuck with me.
altars and shrines are so beautiful. thank you for sharing this with us.
i shall return, god willing.

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