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December 30, 2013


Robin G

Don't you just get hope from this wonderful tree... I love it every time I pass by.


This is so warming Stephanie! As we huddle against the -6 temps. I find this color and sun just heats me up! :). Blessings in the New Year! xx


Oh YES Steph!!
Art DOES save.
I'm so sorry what your community ant those around you had to endure! How is your mom's situation?

Sending good thoughts for you and those you love for 2014~


You and Greg probably know the group Rodrigo and Gabriela, OH WOW. I just found them last night on PBS~

Susan Fox

Too true Stephanie, Art Does Save, it is noted that in times of trouble people cling tighter to art, also art draws us all closer together as is evidenced here in bloggyland, on that note I wish you and yours a very hearty new year!

Hugs :~)xxx

lyle baxter

love the tree sweater. the sleeves I knit for a tree on our main st. needs new! Toni and I have been talking about the flooding in your area and were wondering how your mom and her girlfriends are making out. do tell! hope your new year is a much better one!


Amen, art saves.
Sending thoughts of peace and restoration your way.
Always, Queenie


Hear, hear.
I am wishing for a better year for you and yours.

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