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January 05, 2014



{{ for each light multiplies }}

feeling your candle
up & out ... yes

like magic
i think

the power of those clouds
over your head
~~Releasing Snow~~
even the sky
cannot stop Light
from moving up
& out
to one in need ...



so gorgeous,
the gift of love and light.
i too will join in prayer at 8 this evening and add to the gathering light, at recuerda mi corazon.
is there anything more profound than using this blogsphere to unite in love? thank you for yours.



I think if I proposed thoughts like yours to others not connected to the blogging ether, that I would receive derision from them. Yet, we know that we are truly connected. God bless your friend's needs.

Susan Fox

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you so much for this beautiful post, for the uniting love, the soul sisterhood...
I recently posted about having love for ones we have not met in the flesh and surely this is proof that real love exists beyond physicality and is the most energizing power in the universe, and we all vibrate this love for Kelly...

I am humbled to know you all...

Sue x


beautiful; beautiful beautiful
Stephanie thank you for this
sisterhood surpasses all things
i love that!

love and light


I join my light with yours sweet Steph... how grateful I am for these intertwining circles in bloglandia... for how we become connected in ways we never before imagined... love you dearly... XO


My light is sent and in my prayers for Umber. Thank you for reminding us of this connection and how together we can find strength through our storms.

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