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January 31, 2014


Reading Pleasure

A beautiful ruin I must say!

Tami Chacon

stories of shadow intrigue and speak volumes. so beautiful!

ms pie

wow, I know it's stone but the stories that could be told of years and people who passed thru this way....


This is so dreamy and magical, it must have been so lovely to be right there with all the history and hidden stories.


old stones -
telling their stories
to the shadows

I love the way your photo captured the light on the stone walkway. Beautiful!


With this lovely haiku, I've been introduced to your Cuba visit. What an experience. The mosaics are unbelievable. The neighborhood art and music stunning. I'll be back for more of this.


Wonderful Haiku. Just imagining everyone one that has passed that way-into the light. Very nice photo.:)


Sorry Stephanie, my name above has the wrong link. I don't even know my own BlogSpot address. :) tee hee.


Dancing among the ruins is the story of many a life!

Susan Fox

I saw a documentary on TV recently, so very interesting, showing the state of decay in these historic buildings. To think that visiting this place may help preserve the history....Let's spread the word! x

Laura Hegfield

oh how beautiful and full of truth.


what a lovely shot...and I love knowing about the restorations !


What a dreamy photo! I'd love to visit that spot and hear the stories being told among the ruins.

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