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March 20, 2014



the long anticipated arrival of the light! you have kept vigil all winter long bringing your artistic vision into life. finally the very season has conspired to offer more daylight to your quest. can't wait to take in your emerging!

Laura Hegfield

a fine balance, yes it is.


one fine poetry~walk
with you, dear one !!

{{ what is with bones ??
if i had spotted that fish head
it would Be Mine !! }}



We find beauty in the most unexpected settings and things.

Reading Pleasure

Spring cometh at last!


Soon you will have more color, yet the browntones are beautiful in themselves. Fishhead sooo interesting. River monster?

Mark M. Redfearn

Winter will have its time of lingering, won't it? But may it not linger too much longer!


What treasures Steph, I love your play with shadow during these days of balance, of dark and light... thank you for sharing this shift of season with us all. XO


Yes, it is all about the light at this time of year! And you have shared your light and your woodland walk too! (That was some fish!)


love the light, isn't it great to behold it?
bringing home a fish head, hmm, not my 'cup of tea'!

artmusedog and carol

Lovely haiku 'reveling in the light' ~ feeling of hope ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

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