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April 06, 2014



{{ oh oh
this is ALL so fabulous
it makes me smile LARGE,
dear steph !! }}

my milkweed is growing
i see BUDS
i have High Hopes
for You~Know~What ...


dear stephanie,
i adore your mariposa love! wish i could be there to take it all in. you are going to rock the art and garden world!

lyle baxter

wish we could be there! love them cattelprigles as one of my kids used to call them cause they wriggles, mpm!


this brings back the days of my teaching when students would bring in cocoons and we would anticipate its opening up to its gift inside!
marvelous art work, Stephanie!


This is just beautiful Stephanie.


What fun you are having Stephanie. I planted milkweed yesterday. Maybe your monarchs will visit me.


delighting in your being in tune with the season


The little butterfly you painted me is displayed proudly. Before my mother died, everything about butterflies happened. Now each day something butterfly related seems to happen and it reminds me of her. Just like now.



It is wonderful to see where this journey has taken you!!

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