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April 11, 2014



dear stephanie,
finally after so much anticipation and longing spring begins to unfold! may all the tender blossoms hold on and become the fruits of summer!

Reading Pleasure

Finally! Enjoy the Season!


yay! we have no snow on the ground at this's very dusty and windy that last photo...beautiful!


These buds of your spring are exquisite... may they be tucked into a warm blanket for those last vestiges of winters fingers tucking back into the seasons turning... XO

artmusedog and carol

Lovely nature haiku and fantastic macro shots ~ xoxo


Warm Spring wishes sent to you dear Stephanie...

Erin Perry

You are so due some lovely weather, after the flooding and the snow - keeping my fingers crossed that the snow will be light and the blossoms will weather it well and then welcome the spring!
Erin in Morro Bay

lyle baxter

say no to sno! thats my motto ! magnolias and forsythia are ablooming here! temps on the warmer side thank goodness!


Your blossom photos are awesome. I love seeing nature unfold. Such intricate little beauties. I bow to Mother Nature for her creations. Don't worry, they will survive a little more snow. Will you? I would be pulling my hair out I think. xo


Phew! Thought by the title that maybe you were heading into winter again!


Whew! At last! ;)

Laura Hegfield

so much beauty… freedom!


The same kind of weather is present here in Indiana also. We've had sunshine, rain and snow all within one week. Yet there are signs of spring's green occurring. Happy Easter!


You must be SO happy!!!!!


Love your haiku about the fickleness of this spring weather. Luckily that April snow doesn't last too long!

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