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September 17, 2014



Dearest Steph... Thank you. For your sweet heart and the art that springs from the depth of your soul... thank you for helping us all to remember and to be a part of this beautiful creation of honor and remembering... xo

lyle baxter

looking good! thank you for including us . my florida reporter says the hummers and the monarchs are on their way! the early chill here in the east is sending them a message!


so lovely to watch this outpouring of love grow in magnitude. love knowing that we have shared the traditions of dia de los muertos for many years through dia de bloglandia and the art of remembering. finally our mutual love these traditions bringing us together with many other close and cherished friends to walk in the procession of flowers and light candles on the shared altar of our departed ones.
thank you for embracing this tradition and sharing it with others through your monarch inspired work.
isn't that the most powerful art of all? the creations that are born deep within us and must find their way into existence. xo


Magnificent! Stephanie you never cease to amaze me. The pictures and stories fill the heart. What a wonderful contribution.


Stephanie - Thank you so much for including us in your art of honoring and remembering our loved ones. My Mom died earlier this year so it was wonderful to honor her. Today, her dog died - they were best buddies and had a deep connection. This weekend, I started an alter for my family. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. I hope to get up to Longmont to see the art and tributes to our loved ones. Renee

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