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September 14, 2014



What a Happy place your dress is turning into!! A beautiful creation , one filled with tons of good energy and happy memories!! So nice to see my parents surrounded in such great company. Your the best!



Forgot to mention that it is really very interesting the way you have installed the individual frames on the base. It your base made of wire? Also, impressive that you created your own frames!


One more thing! Don't you think Bonnie B. looks like her parents? Since I've not met Rebecca, I can't tell about her resemblance to her father.

lyle baxter

looks wonderful! I think strange thoughts sometimes like I wonder if all these people who are so loved could be together wherever they are now that you are gathering them in one place? sounds weird but you wonder! or am I not allowed to think such thoughts? thank you for this great project!


dearest stephanie,
your vision and honoring cause me great pause. i find myself deeply touched, my heart expanding beyond the walls of my chest before your altar of love.
thank you for gathering our loved ones together. the power of all this love and remembrance combined is as magnificent as a perfect sunrise.
thanks for increasing the light of this world through your art of remembrance.


How stunning that is. Powerful. Touching. Soulful. I could feel it resonate to here.

lyle baxter

the news yesterday for n.j. said that it was the day our monarchs started their annual migration and that we have lost 90 % of our monarch population in recent years. I saw only 3 all summer! strange that should be the day you posted your work!

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