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July 03, 2015



Yes. There is something about this time of year that taps into the primal need for slowing down and savoring long days of filling out senses... love being in your sum sum summertime garden dear Steph!

Payal Agarwal

How beautiful! Loved it. :)


May we all enjoy this relaxed, slowed down state of mind.

Susan Fox

I love your haiku and the thought of bees languishing in pollen, the images are beautiful too. Thanks for your comment of support on my post...x


Time seems to slow down as the heat presses in. Then we take that chance to run away for just a while to cooler climes and time speeds up again.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a fabulous haiku. It describes sum sum summer perfectly.

Mark M. Redfearn

I like the idea of summertime being a state of mind!

Karen Maggio

Love it.... its exactly how I feel about summer.

lyle baxter

now that I am living in the land of perpetual summertime I realize that we love it for the contrast it brings. I wonder if I will appreciate it as much as I did in the cold north???


"Sum, sum summertime, indeed!! Nicely said!! Have a grand day!


sum sum summertime-
feels so rich and full in the mouth! thanks for warming our haiku hearts!

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