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December 09, 2015



thank you for this mysterious and powerful corn mother! i have a story to add to this-and will return tonight to share. xo


LOVE this painting. Prayers of gratitude to the Corn Mother always.


How appropiate. Our universal mother and contained in uncountable kernels of corn. So beautiful and wondrous.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I had never heard of the paintings of Jerry West and as soon as I read your post, I Googled him. The curious, ever-learning me learned something new. Yay. I love this painting and how the village seemed to accept the new religion but that a small corn Goddess was inside the statue of the Virgin Mary. Makes perfect sense to me.

Paula Scott

Why not? In so many ways, they are one in the same woman. Great story and image!

Hettienne Grobler

beautiful painting! and how blessed we are that we can pray to the universal mother in her form that is dearest to us without the fear of persecution or death!!

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