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May 17, 2016


lyle baxter

Hi, mom! us moms must stick together! and who better to write about than our talented and hardworking daughters! and they are good looking too! steph, hope your trip has no more bumps!

Sascha Immerman

Hello there, Lyle! I agree...stick together we will! I love checking in and keeping up with Stephanie. ( and reading your posts! ) Hope the rest of your week is smooth sailing, dear!

Rhonda Roo

HAHAHA! Love the intros of the commentators. Commenters? Commenteers? We have a local blue grass band who calls themselves the Common Taters, but really, that's nowhere near as exciting as traveling for business and getting scoped out and eating fancy dimsum and stuff out of pineapples for petie's sake. Most of the time I travel by car for business, and now that you mention not having those Q Tips I feel compelled to go home and make sure my suitcase has a large supply for my next trip! Anyhoo have fun and meet one new person (that's my rule). :)

Julie Prichard

Q-tips and tweezers...sounds like heaven to me.. I remember seeing myself in a hotel magnifying mirror...and not a plucking instrument in sight...pure torture! Glad your luggage isn't lost. ;)

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