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July 14, 2016


Sascha Immerman

What a terrible experience...and to think Obama goes through this probably everyday. He's always so calm and rational,how must he handle such affronts. He must have his places of solitude and comfort. I'm so glad you have yours,dear,and your sweet Heron!


So difficult and disheartening for you Steph. I agree that each of us must do whatever it takes to stay calm and centred as we navigate the world...not always easy but so worth the effort. Love your beautiful heron. We have many here as well and they're a model of patience and perseverance. I truly believe that the majority of people in the world are good and kind. Much love to you.

lyle baxter

what is our world coming to???I have been thinking 0f writing to the pres. too but after reading I think I will go the old way pen 0n paper!the world has become a very strange place! With the exception of a few years after WW2 there has been conflict in some part of world my entire life. doesn't look like it will improve in whats left of my time here. Sad!


Oh Steph----what a world we live in now. No one can have a difference of opinion anymore, no one can have a kind thought to share. Sometimes I feel like living without any electronics and dealing with life as a hunter-gatherer of sorts would be better. I was dismayed at your facebook post problems. Another reason never to post.

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